Ronaldo Buassali found a way to cheat on 3DMark TimeSpy, he uses nVidia Inspector to do this.


How does it work?

  1. You start the 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark - then you need to wait a while before the benchmark actually runs like 10-20 seconds.
  2. In this time before the benchmark runs you can open nVidia Inspector and manipulate the image quality settings.
  3. This simple trick makes it possible to gain a better/higher score.

Ronaldo Buassali made a video demonstrating the procedure and effect, he gains a normal total score of 12638 and graphics score of 13278 in Time Spy. By applying the changed image quality settings he increased his score to 12951 / 13800. Software from Futuremark’s, Unigine’s and Allbenchmark’s benchmarks seems to be affected too.

Right now there is there is a statement from GALAX that this gets fixed - but one thing is crystal clear- it shows again people which want to cheat will always find a way to bypass even professional programs.

As this method has now been made public it is probable that no scores will be accepted into the Halls of Fame until the new version with the fix is released.