The open source altern atternative7-Zip just got released in v18.01. The new version of the Windows software is the first final release of 2018. The first two digits of the version number reflect the year of release.



The new beta version of the archiving software comes with support for unpacking .obj and .coff files. The rest of the changes are more related to advance users. Normal daily users will notice that the multi-threading compression performance of LZMA2 archives such as xz and 7z got improved in the release, 7-Zip uses additional buffers for multi-block LZMA2 compression, and CPU utilization improved slightly as a consequence.


As always the changelog can be found in the official forum.


Final words

7-Zip is a fantastic alternative to Winrar and does its job, sadly the development is a little bit slow for my taste but it's not like that some voodoo or magic gets integrated with each new major release so it's not that dramatically, no matter if you use the beta or final version, it does its job and more importantly it's open source. The security related issues seems fixed and I'm excited what's coming next.