I’m a private independent freelancer from Russia/Germany who is interested in all things of technology. I’m getting excited about technology and I like to tweak, test and review all software and hardware which I come across on my daily Internet journey.

I worked several years for Microsoft (networking) and NVIDIA (CUDA) and have a lot of Internet & coding related experience earned over the years.

I try to help random people whenever I can and I like to share my knowledge with others.




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On my site, you’ll find posts I’ve written on some of my favourite things:

Software and Security related News, Reviews & Tips | Android application News and Reviews | Hardware News | Tutorials and Tricks | Cryptocurrency | Here and there something from the Linux corner, yep I do care! | Movie analysis or things I think are worth to talk about – deal with it! | InfoSec | Leadership | Startups

I try to post 5 news per day, depending on how busy I am (maybe more/less).

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The best way to contact me is via Discord. Otherwise, drop a note here.