The drama last week! Oh my - another Adobe Flash exploit, who gives a damn, really? And who really uses Flash these days?! Well I know Marvel still uses Flash (sorry couldn’t resist!). So the latest update closes CVE-2018-4878.


You can upgrade your version in Chrome and Vivaldi via chrome://components/. Alternative as always you can get the new version via Windows Update or via

Product Version Platform
Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime and earlier versions Windows, Macintosh
Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome and earlier versions Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS
Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions Windows 10 and 8.1
Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime and earlier versions Linux

Just do me a favor guys, just don’t use Adobe Flash and avoid pages which require you to install it just to see some dancing boobs - It’s not worth the risk.

Download links

Stay secure friends! 🕵️‍♂️