AMD gave us an update, their latest Roadmap shows what is going to happen until 2020

[caption id=”attachment_2201” align=”alignnone” width=”1400”]AMD-x86-Architektur-Roadmap-2017-2020 New Roadmap. Picture: AMD[/caption]

I’m skeptical that we see new CPU’s after 2022, cause there already huge problems with 5nm (first basic transistors worked with 5nm) but after that nothing is planed because the physical limits we reach here.

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The biggest change will be the efficiency and the smaller DIE, the architecture are only tweaked from generation to generation, why AMD and Intel are doing it is beyond me, they could release ‘the best architecture’ already but then they might sell less chips.

Zen 3 might be my next update and then I will use it for longer until we know what is coming in the future with a roadmap which explains how they solve the <5nm problem.

Fresh blood to Radeon team

AMD has announced that they've appointed Mike Rayfield as their new Senior Vice President and General Manager of Radeon Technologies Group (RTG), alongside David Wang who will act as Senior Vice President of Engineering. Both of the new RTG members will report directly to Lisa Su.
Rayfield will handle the strategy and business management side of AMD's graphics business, something that includes consumer graphics, professional graphics, and semi-custom products. Wang will handle graphics engineering, with his tasks including technical strategy, architecture, hardware and software for all graphics-related products made by AMD. Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD said in a press release: "Mike and David are industry leaders who bring proven track records of delivering profitable business growth and leadership product roadmaps. We enter 2018 with incredible momentum for our graphics business based on the full set of GPU products we introduced last year for the consumer, professional, and machine learning markets. Under Mike and David's leadership, I am confident we will continue to grow the footprint of Radeon across the gaming, immersive, and GPU compute markets".