Oh boy, I have nothing much good to say about Mozilla these days, the ‘spying’ … oh wait I mean telemetry, their ‘jokes’ with the Mr. Robot Addon which resulted in a loss of trust for some users and now the AMO Store get another new change which really pisses me off. Developers are now forced to re-release every Beta/Develop add-on as a separate addon.


What did Mozilla this time?

The beta channel on AMO will no longer be available for developers to publish beta versions of their extensions, uBlock Origin is one of the first Addons which already released the beta add-on as a separate one.

[caption id=”attachment_2867” align=”alignnone” width=”626”]new addon No traditional beta updates anymore starting with 22. Febr. 2018[/caption]

The release notes of the current uBlock Origin build explains the Mozilla Store change, which you can find here.

AMO store is shit

There more arguments when it comes to the Store but I think this is already enough and shows clearly enough that Mozilla yet again made a step in the wrong way, it’s so easy to listening to the community instead they trying to go their own way which mostly ends up as horrible failure and then afterwards we getting excuses but none of this would happen if they just would listen to the community, this is exactly what people mostly complain about Google. That there is no communication between the users and the group of companies. Mozilla AMO Store will list multiple versions of the add-on now instead of just one which is bad enough, users who run beta editions need to switch to development builds - if there is one offered - and the separate listing of development add-ons may lead to the installation of these add-ons by users who wanted to install the stable version, such a process is confusing and unnecessary.

Final words

Why the change? Why yet another wrong decision and why confusing people with such things? I don’t get it! Users are far more likely to accidentally install a beta version now personally I think it’s much easier to mistake another listing for the stable add-on than it would be to scroll all the way down in order to find beta channel versions.

Mozilla, listen, don’t try to change unnecessary things and focus back on what people love you for, the Browser and the eMail program, no other gimmicks and no experiments - thanks.