BGR speculates that Google will likely release Android P(ie) Developer Preview 1 this month. Android N and Android O were also released in March (Developer Preview).

[caption id=”attachment_3313” align=”aligncenter” width=”505”]Android P(ie) Evan Blass says the DP gets released this month. Picture Source: Twitter @Evan Blass (Gadget leaker)[/caption]

Android P is rumored to have “pie” in the name, the speculation is that Android P will release on “Pi Day” or 3/14/18.

Evan Blass is also stating that Google is eying a mod-month release of the Android P Developer Preview. Last week, a series of reports hinted at various new features that Android P might support, including iris scanners and ways to block calls from unknown or hidden phone numbers. How many of these leaked features will finally make it to the Android P Developer Preview remains to be seen. On top of that, we’ve also got confirmation that OEM’s are already testing Android P with Google.

Huawei being specifically singled out as one of the companies that has had access to Android P for the past few months. Google last week also announced that unofficial APIs that may still work on Android will not be available for app development anymore.

Version History

There’s also no guarantee that your device will be updated to Android 9.0. Device fragmentation is still a problem for the OS, see Android Developers for Android stats. According to a report by Dan Luu, nearly half of all Android devices are two years out of date. This means a billion devices aren’t running the latest software!