XDA-Developers reporting that Android P might get a new feature to the stock dialer app  commits showing a part of a new set of a new patch-set that were added to AOSP from a Sony Engineer. This little new feature would allow you to block all incoming calls from any number that isn’t in your list of contacts. Text strings found in the commits suggest there will be option to block numbers based on the following criteria.


Feature overview

The following features/abilities are possible with the new commit in Android P.

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XDA also points out that it appears carriers could disable this new call-blocking feature. They may do this to sell you their add-on monthly services instead.

Please keep in mind

These commits aren’t merged with AOSP yet, though a software engineer at Google commented: “I’m very much in favor of this change as a whole; its a nice improvement to call blocking, especially being able to block unknown numbers.“ While this doesn’t address the maddening rise in spoofing, this preemptive call blocking would be a welcome feature in Android P for most users.

Final Words

There’s no guarantee that Google will add this into Android P, but it is a possibility. The proposed call blocking features for Android P are truly wonderful value additions the step is a really huge one. Te problem with external applications are trust, they might steal your call history among other information, using too many resources or drain your battery because they (same like the dialer) need to run all the time in the background.

Personally I would liked to see some additional features which ATM, are offered solely by top-of-the-line call blockers:

Some exquisite features on my personal wishlist:

Inclusion of the additional features described above would’ve made it a quantum leap but the new change which Android P gets is also not bad, I mean every little step forward helps.