Google just announced the new Chrome final release for Android and all other platforms. An explicit log-file can be found here. Security updates were one of their focus, Meltdown & Spectre got fixes among several other WebGL and URL related fixes. Starting with Chrome 64, autoplay videos are disabled by default




The official changelog for the Android version is not as long as the rest, but Google notes on their Blog that Chrome 64 for Android prevents sites with an abusive ad experiences from opening new windows or tabs without user permission. This isn’t their integrated ad-blocker yet, but it’s a technique which e.g. blocks other website requests which can’t be controlled by the user like automatically redirections. It in theory also blocks the annoying popups which want you to install fake updates.

Android v64

Audio Muting

This version also adds a new site-wide audio muting setting as part of Google’s push for more consistent media autoplay behavior. On Android, heading to Settings > Site settings will reveal a new Sound menu. Here users can mute sites from playing audio (set to Allow by default), as well as add exceptions.

Improved pop-up blocker

An easier integration was integrated which allows clicked play buttons and site controls to be configured by the user needs. Transparent overlays can be also be blocked from opening new tabs or windows.