SDMaid is an incredible useful application to clean your Android, it was the first or one of the first cleaner apps on the market. SDMaid is open source and the pro version unlocks several advance cleaning and monitoring mechanism, besides the function you help the developer to keep this app alive.


Other apps like CCleaner, Clean Master & Co

None of them can compete against SDMaid, just because CCleaner is good under Windows doesn’t mean anything under Android - besides CCleaner got released years later after SDMaid, it has basically the following functions:

  1. CorpseFinder
  2. SystemCleaner
  3. AppCleaner
  4. Database compression/finder
  5. Duplicate file search
  6. Explorer / Search


The application is easy to use which means you install it and then you get a main screen with all the functions listed above, click on e.g. CorseFinder and it starts the search for leftovers. A good advice is to go into the advance settings and tweak the options, which then even finds more leftovers like AppSec/Dalvik. This is of course optional and you should be aware that ‘over-cleaning’ is possible, that’s the reason why it’s not enabled by default you might can destroy some apps because as always the detection is not perfect - as always if you’re unsure just google it or let it be.

Do I really need some clean apps?

Theoretically not, because Android has some build-in cleaning mechanism but practically you might want to clean really everything because you want to debug something or you have troubles with another application, or other reasons. Since I often use modded application I was searching for an easier way to monitor the corpses and Dalvik/Cache files because Android not always clean all Dalvik related corpses after a reboot and this is when SDMaid can be useful.

Of course the application has tons of other functions, the automatically corpse monitoring ability is useful if you often install/uninstall apps. Searching for duplicates is also a really nice function among the ability to compress bigger databases to speedup your device.

Final Words

SDMaid is by far the best cleaner for Android, is has tons of options and it constantly gets updates to improve the program. I never run into some serious troubles while using the program, if something is unclear just ensure you checked the advance information given right next to the corpse and you get the path to the file among some other information, over-cleaning can be dangerous but if you’re careful enough you won’t run into any problems.

If you’re not install/update or uninstall a lot of applications and not need any of the additional features you might not need SDMaid, it’s really depending how you use your Android but I say go ahead and check it out, maybe you can compress your WhatsApp Database to gain some space and speedup the device a little bit.

The only real wish I had would be that the program monitors my Browser to clean the cookies but that’s maybe already on a todo list, the developer usually works hard to fix and implement new functions.