Mozilla today released the final version of Firefox Quantum, Version 59 brings several improvements related to the security aspect and also some improvements from existent utilities like the screenshot functionality.

Firefox 59.jpg


As always Mozilla is going to upload the changelog a bit later, it can be found here. The Android app is going to be rolled out over the next few days. The latest ESR 52.7.0 changelog can be found here but it only contains ”Various stability and regression fixes”.


A download mirror is as always provided by Mozilla itself, you can manually download all releases from their own secured FTP server.


The following summery explains all security, UI and performance changes.

Developer only changes

Workaround for a possible crash (affects only Windows 7 users)

[caption id=”attachment_3673” align=”aligncenter” width=”981”]Firefox v59 WIndows 7 workaround Windows 7 users might need to turn this off in order to avoid a crash.[/caption]

“Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser” might need to be turned off according to some user reports, I could’t confirm this in a VM - but you might be affected by this. Mozilla told me that there going to fix this once there know what causing it. Some users on Twitter are reporting that even switching the toggle might already is enough to crash the Browser.

Final Words

No remaining issue so far in this release which is really good, there of course several possible reported minor problems but these gets addressed in another bugfix release.

Besides some gimmick changes I think overall it’s a good release and another important step was made into a better web experience, new protocol support is always good and the developer changes makes sense because there mostly requested by those who actually code extensions/websites or for those who are going to test it.