Sometimes you only can hate Mozilla and sometimes we all could kiss them, I think the second category applies to this news - there going to fight the annoying popups which you might see on several pages, right now there is no way to disallow them except installing a popup blocker (ad-blocker) or disallow any third-party frames in about:config.

popup-blockerGood move but it is enough?

Since Google integrated a ad-blocker and Opera too everyone is asking what is going Mozilla do about it and it seems there starting to listening, which is a good signal. It’s however questionable if Mozilla only blocks those frames or if there going over the long term to integrated an own ad-blocker solution too. There always representing themselves as ‘Internet guards’ but there horrible lacking of implementation to really hold this a simple ad-blocking and NoScript all-in-one (AIO) would already be enough to fight against 99% of all aggressive Internet campaign strategies, malware and Browser hijacking - sadly no Browser I’m aware of has a control mechanism which is really easy to understand and work with - keeping in mind that not everyone is an expert - Opera’s integrated to enable the ad-blocking list + anti-mining list is good but there is also a lack of a NoScript solution which would handle the entire rest like cookies, third-party connections and more.

Changes on the popup behavior according to Ehsan Akhgari

Are you tired of seeing in-page popups like this? We're experimenting with a popup blocker to dismiss them automatically, and we're curating a dataset for it. If you know of a site that shows these kinds of popups, help us by submitting it here.
Ehsan Akhgari via Twitter

Ehsan is known for creating the a pop-up Reporter extension for Firefox and Chrome to improve the reporting process based on the user reports he gets from this extension.

To be honest I laughed about this, there is so many telemetry and such things aren’t submitted automatically? That makes me think why there is telemetry in the first place, the goal is to improve the Browser web experience but seems they collect everything except the stuff which actually would help to fight it.

Mozilla itself mentioned that there going to maintain a list, based on the work from Ehsan which regular gets updates to ultimately block the popups.

Final Words

Mozilla has a good idea but instead of hiring one or two guys to make the correct decision they fuck up yet again by going the wrong way. I’m pretty sure existent ad-blocking extension would be better for this but, well that would be too easy right? Why not ask gorhill /uBlock developer) or others directly to work for them to solve this?

Nice try anyway Mozilla. unsure