Mozilla announced that Firefox 58 will be faster than Firefox Quantum, thanks to streaming compilation and a new a two-tiered compiler! The increased speed and performance could help Firefox gain an edge over rival browsers Chrome and Safari. Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox 58 browser will be even faster than Firefox Quantum v57, according to a Wednesday blog post from Mozilla’s Lin Clark. A download can be found on their official ftp, the official Mozilla announcement will be next week (23. Jan).

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Autofill for credit card

Mozilla will add a new function to autofill your credit card information into login fields, you can decide if you want to use this function or not, but it can be useful if you often login into such banking pages without the need to install an external password manager like e.g. KeePass. Chrome already has such function.

Firefox 58.0

Better page loading speed

Optimize page load by caching JavaScript internal representation is another point, Mozilla yet again improved the rendering and page loading speed overall compared to the last major Quantum release.

Security fixes

Meltdown and Spectre timing attacks are fixed among with several crashes which were related to microcode updates on specific processors. The latest Mozilla security adviser, as always, can be found here.


Another attempt to fix the Troubleshoot problem, was resolved, by default the troubleshooter sent reports automatically which was bugged and ended up with a possible crash.

Several new about:config things were added but there not from importance since none of them are involved into security related or telemetry related things.