Mozilla just released another bugfix version of Firefox v58.0.1 fixes minor problems. At the time I wrote this article the internal updater wasn’t aware of the new update same as the official changelog page, usually, it takes some time till everything is updated and released but you still can download it over the official FTP servers. A changelog can be found here.



The latest version doesn’t change much, the focus was on bugfixes some known issue. There are no new about:config changes or security-related changes made.

As you can see on the versions number, this is only a small release, nothing which is really urgent or important, but anyway I’m thankful that Mozilla releases their updates quickly.



Spectre Migration

user_pref(javascript.options.shared_memory, false)

All Languages and OS: 32bit Setup 58.0.1.exe 64bit Setup 58.0.1.exe