It is done Neo! The Nintendo Switch is now hacked and there is no way back for Nintendo, the first Homebrew Launcher can be downloaded from this website. As of the time of writing the article, the download dir was still empty but the developer promised to release it within the next 24 hours.


The developer also provides an FAQ and an installation guide for the launcher, the steps are not hard and a custom firmware is on the horizon. If you are interested in creating your own apps for the launcher, there is a Wiki which explains the most questions and shows examples.

Exploit found?

The hacker claims to found an exploit, which works according to him with the current firmware 4.1.0. The hack works on the Tegra-SoC ‘trsuted_zone’ which allows manipulating several areas of the firmware.

Linux seems to work even with hardware acceleration and other advanced hardware features. Fail0verflow seems not to be the only group which found an exploit, it seems that others already found the same and they’re all working on it.

Nintendo Switch Homebrew Launcher for firmware 3.0.0

The current and latest release works with an older firmware but it’s definitely confirmed to be working. We will see more in the upcoming weeks I assume, the hackers themselves, in this case, are being very deliberate in what data and tools they’re releasing; their stated intent is that the work will be used for homebrew, not outright piracy. Of course, the likelihood is that some will work on options to support piracy of Switch games.