YouTube was infected with cryptocurrency-mining ads this week. According to Trend Micro, ads from Google’s DoubleClick platform contained Javascript for mining Monero via Coinhive. The issue became obvious when AV software began flagging the site and users noticed higher-than-normal CPU usage.


[caption id=”attachment_2326” align=”alignnone” width=”1200”]youtube-cryptocurrency-mining Picture: Diego Betto[/caption]


The real problems are CDNs

The real problem isn’t that such technique exists, the problem is that bigger platforms using Content delivery networks (CDNs) which delivering the content such as ads, picture, audio and video content to the platform - this can’t be controlled or only limited by the website webmaster because third-parties taking control over it.

The webmaster only can build a blacklist but this is difficult because no one wants to spend that much time.


Some if not all modern adblockers/NoScript addons have the ability to block 3rd-party scripts or 3rd-party resources. They also mostly have an integrated ‘NoCoin’ list which you could activate.



These are methods which are very effective, it blocks external resources completely or prevents the website to communicate with the mining pages.

Problem for smaller websites

Sadly because of such dickheads which abusing the legit methods pages like mine and others having a real problem to survive because people not disabling their adblockers, which I can understand but at the end these guys shooting themselves in the own food because it only ends up with more and more restrictions and adblocking.