There was not really a Discord Chat for VR users to meet their friends until now, Pluto is on it’s way to get a ‘VR Discord’ platform. It started as a little startup but the process till the first steps till now is just amazing, the entire story can be found here. The Pluto VR software is currently available on Steam as earlier access application.


First try - Not bad!

I tried the app last night and I was impressed how well it already works, of course, there some bugs here and there but overall I think it’s really fun to use if you’re a friend of Virtual Reality applications and games. The program gets mixed ratings on Steam but again it’s in earlier access and this means people are willing to support the project even if there some problems.

The software works with the Vive, Rift and all other VR headsets without much trouble, the setup is not complicated and the app doesn’t take much system resources.

Final Words

I think Discord was too late to get on the VR hype and Pluto seems to fill this hole it takes some time to stabilize the servers and the software has some bugs, eg. sometimes you get random disconnects or you hand in a specific channel forever until you restart the app but that’s nothing which isn’t fixable.

Btw what is wrong meeting friends in real-life? 😲