PCGamer reports that Intel has shared a few diagrams at ISSCC (IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference) in San Francisco which were then shared online by Japanese site PCWatch and then it founds it’s way into the internet. The leaked diagrams show a discrete graphics chip based on Intel’s 9th generation graphics architecture, built on a 14 nm process and has around 1.5 billion transistors. The clock speed is 400MHz at 1.2v.


Intel’s secret discrete GPU solution is the first discrete GPU the company has worked on since the days of the i740.



Final Words

This isn’t something that will compete with the Radeon or GeForce line of graphics cards, but a super-powered Intel NUC makes sense. We will see how it performs when there are the first test samples released but I have some hopes that it would be enough to watch HD/4K video-material on a low-efficiency Chip which could be interesting for low-end devices which are only running small applications on the host.


Intel said that this is not a real prototype.

Last week at ISSCC, Intel Labs presented a research paper exploring new circuit techniques optimized for power management. The team used an existing Intel integrated GPU architecture (Gen 9 GPU) as a proof of concept for these circuit techniques. This is a test vehicle only, not a future product. While we intend to compete in graphics products in the future, this research paper is unrelated. Our goal with this research is to explore possible, future circuit techniques that may improve the power and performance of Intel products