Mary Jo Foley posted more details on ZDNet, basically, the story is as following: Microsoft is extending the support horizon for all Win 10 Enterprise and Education versions by an additional six months.


The new charts looks now like this:

Version Released End of service Support Days
Home / Pro Ent. / Ed.
Win 10 1709 17-Oct-17 9-Apr-19 8-Oct-19 721
Win 10 1703 5-Apr-17 9-Oct-18 9-Apr-19 734
Win 10 1607 2-Aug-16 10-Apr-18 9-Oct-18 798
Win 10 1511 10-Nov-15 10-Oct-17 10-Apr-18 882
Win 10 1507 9-Jul-15 9-May-17 670

I only can guess why Microsoft changed this but you might get the idea with the following quote.

“Since the introduction of the Modern Lifecycle Policy in August of 2016, more and more products are launching under this support and servicing model to keep customers current. Today, we are clarifying how the Windows 10 Client Semi-Annual Channel and Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel are supported. By listing these Channels as following the Modern Lifecycle Policy, we are able to more accurately reflect how we already service and update Windows 10 and Windows Server Semi-Annual Channels today through twice-a-year feature updates and monthly quality updates.”

Microsoft releases anyway every 6 month a major update so it’s a little bit confusing here, in my opinion there speaks nothing against an update each half-year, but okay it’s maybe a thing that people maybe just want to be lazy. On the other hand, once a year would be enough if you think about the poor devils which are forced to do the upgrade on several hundreds of pc’s.