The European Commission just published new social network guidelines that asks social networks to remove terrorist content within one hour of being reported.

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In the recent published guidelines, the Commission requests that terrorist content be reviewed and removed within one hour of it being reported because it “is the most harmful in the first hours of its appearance online.”

How to identify hate speech?

Maybe via AI but this is known to be problematic because it can make a lot of mistakes and just because someone says ‘bomb’ doesn’t mean automatically he is an terrorist. Usually content takes a lot of time after it was reported to finally gets removed because it must be reviewed and the process takes simply some time, also imagine when eg. 100k posts are reported daily how many time and people you need to check everything.


The idea is neat and I get the part that terrorism should be ‘frighted’ in the Internet but that’s simply impossible because they only will create hidden channels or go to other platforms instead. It’s also unclear if the EU can force other countries to apply their rules, which mean it would be pretty pointless to block terrorism propaganda only in EU instead of around the globe since most servers are located in US, China or Russia.

The entire removal process is in my opinion unrealistic and simply not possible, not even with AI and only ends up with more Internet censorship.