Stardock is known to have some amazing software products when it comes to Windows customization. Start10, Fences are some to name. I guess DeskScapes, ObjectDock and WindowsBlinds are the most popular ones.

Windows (until Redstone 5) won’t native have the ability to tab your programs so that is annoying especially if you work with a lot of different applications - Groupy was created to fill this gap and is now out of it’s beta status.

[caption id=”attachment_3331” align=”alignnone” width=”1265”]Stardock Groupy Groupy adds only one function - Tabs and that’s a really nice little function. Picture Source: Stardock[/caption]

Features Overview

A full overview of all functions and features can be found here. Groupy works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

[caption id=”attachment_3332” align=”aligncenter” width=”920”]image_3 Explorer.exe among other applications can be ‘tabbed’. Groupy itself runs in background. Picture Source: Stardock[/caption]


Groupy is available for $9.99 which is in my opinion too expensive because you get Object Desktop right now for $29.99 which includes not only Groupy it also includes bunch of other applications from Stardock, so you get a much better deal with Object Desktop.

You can test the application 30 days as trial period, the full functions are given it only requires a valid eMail address to activate your product.

Activation needs Internet Connection

Sadly this is a negative point, the activation is not permanent and checks (like all Stardock products) often in the background the activation status. I see this negative because personally I don’t like when software needs an Internet connection because it could end up with possible data leaks or it sends additional data which I never agreed with like meta-data information about my PC, location and more. I haven’t checked right now what Stardock exactly sends or checks here besides the license information because it’s not documented on their official page and that is one big negative point. Transparency is more important than ever when it comes to trusting a product/person or like in this case an entire organization.

It’s also unclear how long Stardock uses these data if there getting deleted or not, nothing is documented. Their about page doesn’t tell anything how the data are handled.

Final Words

Stardock once again fills the Windows Customization hole tabbed interface is not coming anytime soon to Windows but one of the most requested feature from the community, so Stardocks kicks in with its Groupy software to ‘correct’ this. The software is quite expensive for only one main function, I think a fair deal would be $4.99 or if you anyway use Fences or other programs from Stardock better by Object Desktop which is right now for sale.

Stardock does a fine job here and they deserve a good review I think because there more or less ‘fast’ compared to Microsoft to adapt the requested functions wished by the community.

The software gets my recommadation even with two negative points because there is no other alternative avaible but once Windows 10 Redstone 5 gets a tabbed interface I will re-visit Stardock’s Groupy software to see which has the better tabbed solution on the market.