The website offers right now a Zemana AntiMalware Premium license which works for 602 days. There is no date given when the promo exactly ends so don’t ask me how long you can wait to activate the the product. I guess it’s a good deal for those people which using Antivirus products or especially the ones which ever wanted to test the Premium version of Zemana AntiMalware.

[caption id=”attachment_3411” align=”aligncenter” width=”1047”]Zemana promo Promo Page shows the instructions and the code.[/caption]


Since the Setup is the official one and not any giveaway or promos installer I assume that the page has a deal with Zemana but I can’t say this for sure since I don’t have any more details on this promo. The given key only works for the Windows version not the Android one.



GIVEAWAY-3667-2597 OR GIVEAWAY-1930-7146


Zemana AntiMalware

In case you see this error try it again after several minutes and if that won’t help use a USA proxy/VPN server to activate the product.


Since I’m not going to test the product myself I can point you to another page which gives you a detailed overview of the product so you can decide if it’s worth to test or not. Daves Computer Tips has a good Review about Zemana AntiMalware.

Malware Blocker, a good YouTub’er has a also a good review to introduce the full product in action, it’s similar like my opinion on the product, however last time I tested it was 2016.

Final Words

A 602 days license is more than fair, it’s free and you get all the time to test the product, what do you want more here? Credits at this point going to, Zemana, Daves Computer Tips and Malware Blocker for their promo, review(s) and of course the product itself.

Enjoy the Promo friends. drunk