YES -Wireless upgrades! To be honest, whenever it’s possible I try to use cables, call me oldschool but wireless overall getting better and better and I consider to call it ‘stable enough for the daily usage’. So, Qualcomm developed a new “True Wireless Stereo” Audio system which, when connected via Bluetooth gives you true Stereo Sound over your earbuds, this is what I wanted for so long and this is cool especially if want to do some sports.


[caption id=”attachment_2981” align=”aligncenter” width=”620”]Qualcomm truewireless-stereo-next-gen-wireless-earbuds Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo in a nutshell. Picture Source: Qualcomm[/caption]


How does it work?

Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and blast L+R audio to the first earbud, and then use another Bluetooth channel to transfer the second channel of sound. TrueWireless Stereo Plus, on the other hand, sends the signal in half to each individual earbud (stereo signal). The company is using their latest low-power Bluetooth SoC which will improve the battery life of wireless earbuds based on Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo technology.  I haven’t found the specific details yet or a price but I hope it’s crackling free and has at least 8 hours battery life and I would definitely give it a try.

Final Words

This really looks interesting, Stereo sound in good quality is good enough for the daily music and I hope that there no downsides like crackling or lost signals but I’m sure there were smart enough to build something which doesn’t suffer from it. I remember the first Bluetooth devices and protocol drafts, just awful, insecure, lots of connection problems, but it seems to be all already fixed with the latest versions.