The latest Windows Insider build of Windows 10 removed the ability to join a HomeGroup. Originally a part of Windows 7 back in 2009 and continuing until now, HomeGroup was a way to share files and devices between computers on your network. Redstone 4 which arrives in 8 weeks will be the first final version which removed the function to join the HomeGroup - and I’m not sad about it!


Whether it’s connecting PCs and printers on your home network via the Share functionality in Windows or using OneDrive to share a photo album of your last vacation, Windows 10 makes connecting multiple devices and sharing content streamlined and simple. And it’s because of that evolution that with today’s build you’ll start to see us retire the HomeGroup service.

I never really saw a reason to use Homegroup as opposed to just setting up actual share/NTFS permissions. But maybe for an average user, it made sense back in the day.


A quick solution could be this in case you really miss this function would be:

As long as his Wifi isn’t open or shared with neighbors, then only people ON his network would be able to get to the shares. No password prompts ever, no need to have a user account on each machine with the same user/pass or anything like that.

Of course, it’s not the most secure way to do it but it’s a quick solution if you not want to install another provider or trust another service/NAS - and it does its job.