Yo, boys! Only 3 weeks until Redstone 4 so don’t waste you time with this crappy build, anyway I will show you what’s new and changed and for those who have no girlfriend a download link - so you have at least something to play with. 😜


General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

Known issues


All builds, 32-bit, 64-Bit and ARM can be downloaded via WZT’s + adguards mirror here. The credits at this point goes to them for providing the download links and some new cat pictures.

Insider in the Fast-Ring should get the update already automatically since yesterday.

Problem with Hybrid-mode 

The new build still has the issue with the Hybrid-mode so you need to turn it off. Start the command prompt with administrative rights and type in: powercfg /hibernate off  or powercfg /H off.

Or alternative via:


Or simply with the Power Options Menu under Windows.