Somewhat late news from me but Microsoft released two days ago two new updates, KB4090913 & KB4090914 on WSUS but as always you’re faster manually downloading them since updates are usually rolling out in waves - so it might take some time until your Windows Update offers you the two new updates.


Overview and Downloads

Both updates don’t adding any new features into Windows 10, there released to fix some known and reported problems.

Both updates requiring the Antivirus workaround.


cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc the value must be 0 in order to install the update(s).


The main reason for the update was to fix a USB problem which affected some devices. The update fixes the USB issue introduced in KB4074588 released  February 13, 2018 according to Microsoft.

The bug was only with Windows Build 1709 - other (older) versions were not affected by this.


KB4090914 is a pure Service Stack Update, see here.

Known problems

Final Words

Computerworld made again a huge story about this little issue. I mean it can happen and Microsoft fixed it within (almost) two weeks. It’s not a big deal in my opinion since you can in 99% off all problems simply uninstall the KB.

Computerworld often makes some drama about every update because that’s how you did some clickbait articles to win some fools but don’t believe everything - in my case I wasn’t affected by this (5 test machines here) and no one in my closer area eg. family was affected too so it’s not really widely spreading bug in my opinion.

The update problem is simply that you can’t test all scenarios to deliver updates to let’s say 700 million Windows Build 1709 users and the people who really complaining about this never coded anything in their entire life - or used Linux - for sure.

Maybe let’s write some KB articles in FAT AND CAPS TO GET MORE ATTENTION? tx38TOr