Hooo-ly Negan! That was what I was thinking when I installed the latest LibreOffice 6.0.0 RC 3, it’s fast it’s sexy and it bloody works! LibreOffice, I have to admit I’m totally a fanboy of this product, shame on me I know but I’m just being honest with you guys.


So many changes!

There is too many to mention so I only drop the release notes link here and let you enjoy the ride by yourself, read it and re-think about the product.

Version 6 will be by far the biggest release ever and I totally like it, encryption is added, a new spellchecker some useful user interface changes among other fixes.

A new online help wizard/guidance was added which looks similar to MS Office solution - which now looks more professional.

Speed improvements

The new version is bloody fast it opens quick without wasting much resources compared to version 4 and 5. It’s as fast as MS Office now and the application resources are a little bit less now.

Android Version still a mess


Sadly the Android version is still behind, seems no one really cares about it and it seems it never gets out of its beta status - and this for a reason - it’s a crashing mess! OfficeSuite (paid solution) is still the number one on Android when it comes to PDF or every other document, it simply does a better job without that it crashes once.

I’m not sure about the iOS version but I think it has a similar issue.

Lack of features

Besides the crashes the LibreOffice version lacks of features which not made me switch from OfficeSuite, it’s difficult to work with because it is not really optimized for touch or smaller screens and some important things are missing, so you can’t choose separate Fonts and the DPI scaling is just horrible.

There is also no Chromecast function so you can’t easily project your files onto your TV or PC Display which would be useful in case you want to show your presentation to others, so it ends up with copying the file to a PC/Mac manually - this sucks! It’s 2018 now guys!

Try it out!

Go ahead and install the latest RC 3, report back what you like so far or wait for the final version next month. I’m sure you guys will be impressed by the changes which were done.

I’m really excited to see the upcoming final version and I will keep an eye on it, I definitely will write a review about the final Version and show the most important changes. I like that the community and developers working very hard on this huge project to provide us a good alternative which is free, the community is in general always helpful and if you face a problem go ahead ask them – they will find a solution, for sure.

Let me know what you think about LibreOffice and if it replaced your MS Office.