According to the latest technet post, the upcoming Office 2019 will be only available for Windows 10.This isn’t a surprise because Microsoft and others already trying to end the 32-Bit era. Since Windows Codename Polaris only allows native x64 UWP apps it would only make sense to go the next logical step, of course this might annoy some people but you can use alternatives or another Office version instead.

Office 2019

We will see more such changes over the next two years because Microsoft is going to change several structures and they trying to force you to upgrade soon or later no matter what.

Microsoft supports five different versions of Office for Windows right now:

Final Words

There is nothing to announce here because it’s not really something which I really care about but I wanted to let you know that there changes coming and that there are alternatives - in a business environment this might play another role but since everyone is using cloud services anyway you not even (theoretically) need to install any Office product anymore, especially not if you switch your position quickly while you’re on the run or if you only use Office here and there.

LibreOffice is in my opinion the best offline solution and it does a good job, people might complain about years old bugs but I see several older bugs in any other Office products too, so nothing is perfect and I do believe that for the most people such products are perfectly fine.