WHDownload was once one of my favorite Windows & Office Download utility back in the day, until the developer Alphawaves decided to stop the project due time and other reasons. Now the downloader utility is finally back with a new fresh look which makes it very easy for everyone to download Windows and Office specific updates without Windows Update Servers.

WHDownloader v0.0.2.3 

Program Overview

WHDownloader (former Windows Hotfix Downloader) is developed by Alphawaves which is a known member of the MDL forums. He decided one day to program a little Windows utility which downloads Windows and Office updates and the community was happy to get such tool which doesn’t come with any ads or other bloatware. The last minor program update was from 2015.

The program is closed source and I already tried to ask Alphawaves to release the source which he refused (for no reasons). However, the portable freeware program basically download the Windows Update list based on abbobi1406 & burfadel (also both MDL forum members and known from several other pages and projects) on the same location like the WHDownloader.exe in a separate folder called UpdateLists. The lists are coming in a special format with the .wh extension so that you aren’t able to read out their source - I guess those guys don’t want to reveal their sources.

Using WHDownload

Since the program is portable you can execute it from every location. Click on the very left button “Download all latest Update lists” (the little arrow) in order to get the latest Windows 7 - 10 and Office 2010 - 2016 updates. You can choose from the drag & drop menu what you like to download and it will download all the latest Windows or Microsoft Office Updates. You must download first the Update lists in order to see the drop down menu.


Compared to other Updates Downloaders or Packs it also downloads Hotfixes and all other optional related updates.

[caption id=”attachment_3931” align=”aligncenter” width=”838”]WHD usage The blue categories can be collapsed or expanded in order to select the downloads which you like to download. Right clicking on the Updates let’s you select or de-select all Updates in one category.[/caption]

Once you selected the Updates you like to have, you need to hit the big ‘Download’ button on the left bottom. The updates are then downloaded into a separated folder you can then batch-install them, manually or use them in order to fill your latest ISO with the latest updates.

[caption id=”attachment_3936” align=”aligncenter” width=”547”]WHDownloader Downloader The Download UI shows you the speed, size and other information like the overall download process of each Update.[/caption]

The config.ini allows you to manually tweak the program, so you can eg. use a proxy in order to download the Updates.

[caption id=”attachment_3957” align=”aligncenter” width=”1086”]WHDownloader config.ini You can manually change the values or add a proxy. The config.ini gets automatically created once you opened WHDownloader the first time.[/caption]

Almost a perfect tool

I recommend the utility since many years but there some things which are missing:


V0.0.2.3 adds a new GUI into the program which will be improved in future updates.


You can find the latest version on MajorGeeks (not updated yet) or as mirror provided by the developer on datafilehost. The program itself comes with an Readme.txt file.

Closing Words

The best Office and Windows Updater Downloader is back and I once again can recommend this little useful utility for every Windows and Office users. The program has the benefit that it doesn’t need Windows Update in order to fetch the update lists or to download them which is a big plus. You can easily download even updates which aren’t for you system which is another plus in case you want to test some updates or slipstream them in order to test the OS or Office in a VM or on a real PC.

The program gets my full recommendation. hooray