It’s real, Microsoft now confuses everyone even more than before, 5 more editions are coming. It’s not like there already enough editions on the market.


The following editions are currently in the works:

It’s planned that these versions getting rolled out to partners on April 2018, when it really hits the market is unclear.


Microsoft is canceling Windows 10 S as a separate edition. Instead, there will be a ‘S mode.

Final Words

What can I say, the confusion is complete and Microsoft did again everything wrong, it would be so easy to provide an Installer which, based on your hardware detect the best choice but they decided to go the 1999 way and provide several setups. How about ONE on-/offline setup + the possibility to ‘tweak’ Windows like you want right from the installation process? It would be so easy to make the perfect setup, just make the components modular, provide toggles for each module like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer or Admin tools and everyone would be happy.

Whatever, before these versions are on the market I already can predict that they will die very soon because no one want crippled versions not even on low-end devices because you eg. want to play your audio/video files the same like on Pro versions. I see this entire logic and marketing as huge mistake.