Mozilla released his first Thunderbird Release for this year, version 58 comes with some nice changes., the rendering process was improved and the loading speed also got changed. The full changelog can be found here.

[caption id=”attachment_2170” align=”alignnone” width=”1278”]TB59-Win10 The new Photon interface[/caption]

For day to day use, it is recommended that most people stick with the stable release that is made available in the standard release channels, while those who like to live right on the cutting edge and experience all the latest feature may like to take a look at the betas.

Personally I like that Mozilla is starting again to work on their Mail client and that we get again a good alternative to Microsoft Outlook & Co.

New in this release



Dev stuff

Not fixed in this release

No dramatic changes, overall security updates and merges from Firefox but as said the work just began and I’m looking forward to see more changes, I’m also excited to see what the cooperationship with Enigmail brings, to push encryption more to the mass, do we get an integrated solution? Who knows!