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SUMo v5.5.2.383 Giveaway by Bitsdujour

1 minute read

It’s weekend and I’ll drop some candy for you ladies and gentlemen, I just found that has a new Giveaway, SUMo. SUMo is similar like Secunia P...

AMD next-gen Zen 2 design

less than 1 minute read

AMD has announced that its next-gen Zen 2 cores are now ready and will begin sampling the chips later this year, the Zen 2-based CPUs launch is in 2019.

Samsung designes crypto-currency mining chips

less than 1 minute read

New reports from last week hit South Korean outlet The Bell, where they reported Samsung had started manufacturing ASICs that they would provide to a Chinese...

Disable Windows 10 “Suggested Apps”

1 minute read

If you not need any apps like Candy Crush then you might want some easily solutions how to remove such apps, well since Windows 1507 Microsoft allows you to ...

VT Hash Check - VirusTotal’s best friend

2 minute read

Today I write a little review about VT Hash Check which I think can be a useful little utility for Windows users, it’s always good to get a second opinion, e...

Google Chrome 64.0.3282.140

1 minute read

Another day, another day on earth with updates, cool isn’t it? Google released just another final version, the second for this year if I’m not totally wrong....