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.NET Version Detector 17 R2

less than 1 minute read

.NET Version Detector is a little utility which - as the name already suggest - detect the current installed .NET Framework version on Windows systems. The l...

EU slapped Qualcomm for Apple Collusion

less than 1 minute read

The EU has slapped Qualcomm with a $1.2B fine for colluding with Apple in order to cut out chip competitors. The EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Ve...

Enable Microsoft new Telemetry Data Viewer

3 minute read

Windows 17083 or higher (the upcoming RS 4 release [to be released in 7/8 weeks from now]) will get a new Diagnostic Data Viewer app which let’s you view the...

AMD Roadmap updated

1 minute read

AMD gave us an update, their latest Roadmap shows what is going to happen until 2020

Chrome 64 is out

2 minute read

Google just announced the new Chrome final release for Android and all other platforms. An explicit log-file can be found here. Security updates were one of ...

Bring back your dead (Crucial) SSD

1 minute read

Maybe you’re aware of it maybe not, but Crucial SSDs have a mechanism to “self-repair” themeselves which means if your SSD just broke out of nowhere you have...