Once in a long time ago PayPal wanted to make us believe that this payment method is a good and smart decision but yet again we see that there selling your data and it seems always the same again and again and again. Do you know what crayziness is? Trying to to the same thing over and over and expect different results - Well basically BitCoin and Stock Exchange in a nutshell.


[caption id=”attachment_2490” align=”aligncenter” width=”5760”]paypal PayPal Headquaters. Picture: PayPal[/caption]


According to this PayPal link, it shows the entire third-party list ‘preview’ - btw who the hell really knows if there not more involved? The example looks very similar all over the wold, no matter if you use PayPal UK, RU or USA.

Companies which are involved (no specific details given!)

Of course some of them might not share / collect data but most of them do, and the worst part seems that they can sell such data to others which means you already get a massive problem by using PayPal and then you never know what exactly happened to the sold data.

Solution and Alternatives?

None, the thing starts here, there tons of Alternatives like using Monero or other crypto currencies, but sadly we are not living in the Matrix which means in the real world only less services/shops accepting such kind of money and pioneres are fine and good but this needs to be changed on the highest low, the Goverment, only they can control and offer alternatives on a bigger scale.

In my region there is like one Shop in around 100 kilometers which accepting alternative paypent methods, but this PayPal example combined that we need finally better and more secure alternatives should you inspire to re-think about the current situation. Secure decrentralized things are needed everywhere, in every ifrastructure and especially on the internet.

Check the services and as yourself if you need them

Sounds very easy but ask yourself if you’re forced to use such services and if you maybe not find another way - Btw what’s wrong with your traditional bank? Check every contrat and never sign anything the first day, sleep over it and ask others, you can’t be too careful these days!


Alternatives are there and you can use them, sadly the main problem is that there no global rules or something which makes it hard for shops and services to accept BitCoins and Co. so right now I see it as pioneer and miner business only.

Hopefully the Goverment decided to give us (the people who bring the money to the bank) more alternatives which some rules to prevent data thefts and maybe one day an option to really take care about our own data.