A new paper published in the Information Economics and Policy journal shows that piracy can help many artists to sell more music. Results from the peer-reviewed paper are consistent for both digital and physical sales and affect mid-tier artists. Top musicians are not so lucky, as they sell less.

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In a paper titled ‘Purchase, pirate, publicize: Private-network music sharing and market album sales’ he examined the effect of BitTorrent-based piracy on both digital and physical music sales. The file-sharing data was obtained from an unnamed private BitTorrent tracker and covers a data set of 250,000 albums and more than five million downloads. These were matched to US sales data for thousands of albums provided by Nielsen SoundScan.

My comment

I think that pirating products like Music or Software helped the indutrie especially Microsoft, otherwise how else you explain it that we got Windows 10 so long for free and the exploding numbers in the times when Microsoft products got cracked again and again?

Marketing is a powerful industrumen, without any attention your product or music not get in the middle of any focus and this is important to sell it to others - if no one knows about your product no matter how good it is, you won’t get anything at all because no one is aware that it exists.