Windows 10 Pro Edition is as promo/deal right now available for $14 USD on SCDKey. The page also gives us instructions how to activate Windows with the purchased key. The deal seems legit because I never heard something negative about the platform or that the keys are stolen.

Windows 10 pro 14 USD

There is also a Windows 8.1 Version for 14.71 dollar, which might be even the bigger deal here to mention because you can upgrade from 8.1 to Windows 10 (for free).

Anyway you should always be careful with such sales because some platforms often use stolen keys but this seems not the case here. You have to login (create an account) but you can pay with PayPal which is a good sign since PayPal often checks such sale accounts if they see ‘high traffic’ or suspicious traffic.

Promo Code to get Windows & Office

With the Promo code: SKtechworm10% you’re even able to reduce the price to 12.60 for the Windows 10 Version.

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Final Words

Even if you don’t use the Promo Code, $14 for a legit Windows 10 Pro version seems totally fair in my eyes and there is no need to pirate the OS - you even get it for 12.60 with the Code and that’s really the cheapest I could find on the Internet.

Other good key pages which I use myself are & and I never had any single issue. seems another page which I might recommend but first I have to verify that this is all legit, but as mentioned it seems so because this sale is already a bit longer ongoing and no one complained on Reddit & Co.