The new Windows Sandboxie version is out, the biggest change seems to be that it finally added a feature what was requested by the community for a long time now - Secure Boot.

[caption id=”attachment_3783” align=”aligncenter” width=”1034”]Sandboxie 5.24 Sandboxie Control Window. Picture Source Softpedia.[/caption]


Version 5.24 adds several new things, like Favicons support, Secure Boot & code improvements since the code now switched to the Visual Studio 2015 IDE.

Among these changes a lot of bug and several crashes got fixed.

Secure Boot

Since version 5.24, Sandboxie is now able to work with Secure Boot together, which means you don’t need to disable it anymore to fear negative things like crashes or that the program won’t work at all. This was all fixed in the latest release and

FireJail - Linux alternative

The open source software FireJail, is for Linux user a good and free alternative which is till under active development. It offers similar functions like Sandboxie and is also as small in size so you won’t have to install heavy products in both situations.

Download   For x86 and X64 systems, around 5,37 MB (MD5/SHA1)

Closing Words

Sandboxie gets my recommendation on Windows and should be preferred over any AV because this kind of security layer is in my opinion much better because no matter if you get infected or not, closing the isolated sandbox removes everything which is maybe not offered by AV products because at some point every product will be bypassed with some unknown malware soon or later.

The product is not freeware but you can test it on a trial period, since Sandboxie is here and there on a sale I see no argument to not buy it because it’s worth. The work with the product might be a bit complicated at the beginning but once you read the documents and got used to it you will quickly make bigger steps forward in a more secure Windows.