The privacy-oriented Linux distribution Tails has been updated with a new kernel to mitigate against Spectre. Tails 3.5 also comes with the Tor Browser 7.5, a major upgrade in itself which includes some interface changes to make it more usable, e.g. the welcome page got improved. Among these changes Tails included some smaller fixes to address known issue.

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One of the most important aspect of Tails 3.5 release is the inclusion of the new Linux kernel 4.14.13 as it includes microcode firmware for AMD machines in order to mitigate against the Spectre vulnerability that has been causing headaches across the tech world. Tails 3.4 was released earlier this year, which included the 4.14.12 kernel to migrate a Meltdown patch - this version only partially mitigated Spectre.

Some other changes stated in the release notes:

Known issue

There’s a known issue from the previous release which says there’s a kernel bug during the bootup. Tails says this is nothing to worry about, despite being alarming, and are looking to fix it in an upcoming release.

You can download the new release here.