The latest Spotify version fixes several smaller issue, this is nothing which deserves some attention but the design was changed a little bit which got my attention because I do believe it improves the usability of the entire application.

[caption id=”attachment_3237” align=”alignnone” width=”1279”]Spotify_old Spotify v1.0.74[/caption]

Small design changes

The menu and the top of the application wastes a lot of less space now and was updated to a modern and fresh design.

[caption id=”attachment_3238” align=”alignnone” width=”1279”]Spotify_new Spotify v1.0.75 - You see the top navigation bar doesn’t waste space for a ugly black bar anymore.[/caption]

The entire top of the application header was improved, which means it doesn’t comes anymore with the big black bar, which was useless because it wasted a lot of space and you could’t do anything with it. The new look is more functional without loosing the focus on the basic functions.

Spotify constantly tries to improve the application

Each Spotify upgrade includes several changes within the program code, fixes and like in this time minor UI changes. Sadly, Spotify doesn’t provide a full changelog for each new release so you only know what really was changed after you installed it - This point was often complained in the official Spotify forums and it’s still beyond me why there isn’t a separate download page which in detail explains what exactly the new update changes.


The latest version can as always be downloaded from the official page or over the official direct link here as Setup.exe.

Ads which helps Spotify but not the artists

The biggest issue with Spotify and basically all music platforms is that the artists not getting much from their hosted music or albums and that’s the reason I created the Spotify, Ad-Free list on GitHub. The integrated ads on a free account are not for the artists it’s for Spotify directly, which is really a shame and as long Spotify doesn’t change it as long I recommend using the ads-blocking list - this step is maybe drastically but I don’t agree with everything which Spotify does in the background.

Final Words

Spotify gets application wise better and better with each update, I like the design and my eyes are thankful for the black/grey design. Why Spotify doesn’t provide any own page with a changelog is still unanswered and there is not really an official explanation. People like me want to know if it’s worth to upgrade or not.

The new design change brings the application back to a right direction, hopefully there not getting lazy now and stop working on it.