Tired of all the Twitch advertisements and shit like cheers, emotes and other crap? Then check out Streamlink Twitch GUI! A neat side-effect is that you get less buffering and faster loading times, since this program is optimized to work with external players which only loading the plain video (without any annoyance).

Streamlink Twitch GUI

Streamlink Twitch GUI is an alternative way to browse Twitch without any Browser, you get a minimalistic interface which brings back the focus - on the streamer and not on Twitch which is more and more only focused how to get more money out of their streamers which doing the real work.

That said advertisements are okay but they shouldn’t annoy you or ending in buffering, this is why you should consider to give this program a try. Sadly Twitch integrates more and more gimmicks which disturbs the users, which only want to see the streams and not the latest Amazon Alexa announcement.

Twitch GUI Features


A detailed installation instruction guidance can be found in the official Wiki page. You need to install steamlink.

  1. Download and install streamlink.
  2. Download and install Streamlink Twitch GUI.
  3. That's it the rest needs to be configured via the configuration file or over the graphical Streamlink Twitch GUI interface!


  1. You still need a Twitch account to use the program and you need to login into the Twitch.
  2. You can login via your username / password or via an OAuth token. Both methods are in detailed explained over here. At this point I'm not going to explain this more here because it should be known that a page mostly needs a username and password.


  1. You can configure the Twitch GUI over the graphic user interface or via the configuration file.
  2. You set your video player or (optional) Browser to view the video/chat, the chat thing is option and requires and browser to work. The video player is - oh wonder - there to show the video, this can be MPC, VLC or any other popular video player.
  3. Desktop notification (requires Twitch login), or interface tweaks like a dark theme are all optional and you can tweak this as per needs. It's up to you.

Final words

If you have everything setup correctly and gave the program the path to the video player you can click on a stream and it should open it into a new video window. That’s basically it you can now watch Twitch without garbage, the pure stream without any annoying buffering or other garbage.

The program can be trusted, it’s open source and maintained by a lot of people, a neat feature is that you can enjoy your stream without been disturbed by advertisements.

Twitch is going more and more to shit after they integrated stuff like cheers and other crap which doesn’t help the streamer, moreover to help Twitch to get more and more money - the page buffers and is slow because Twitch adds tons of 3rd-party domains to their pages to deliver amazon ads and trying to track every move your made - this is the reason I say stop and which made me switch to programs like Streamlink Twitch GUI.

The program is a must if you often watch Twitch streams and  if you only want to watch your favourite streamer.