UltraUXThemePatcher can help you unlock your system’s customization capabilities by patching a series of files on your computer, “Uxtheme.dll”, “Themeui.dll” and “Uxinit.dll”. In other words, this little utility can help you to allow your Windows OS to use third-party themes.


Product Overview

Customize your workspace with third-party visual styles by turning to this lightweight application that can help you patch your system easily. UltraUXThemePatcher modifies your system files so that 3. party themes can be used. You can download Windows themes from third parties and activate them. The program backups the original system files and all changes can be undone by uninstalling if you have issues. The product basically works with all Windows versions.

The product is freeware and the installer doesn’t include any bloodware, since this manipulates system related files you should be aware that some AV product might see it as Malware or Virus and you might have to re-apply the program after you updated your Windows every time when Microsoft changes something on the Uxtheme.dll, Themeui.dll or Uxinit.dl files.



Microsoft won’t allow you to use external styles for no reason, maybe because of malware? Who knows because there is no official statement given but restricting such a basic OS function is a no-go, UltraUXThemePatcher is a good little product which gives you such an ability back without much troubles, the patching mechanism is very easily done and you won’t have to bother with many-complicated things, install, activate and reboot - after that you can use third-party themes from DeviantArt & Co., or just use your own created ones.

Since I’m not really a theme’er anymore I don’t need the product but if you like to customize your Windows, there is only one product - UltraUXThemePatcher.