The popular video player application VLC is released today in v3.0. The new release brings several major changes and improvements. The download is available on their official FTP page or within the next three days via the official updater which you can access within the VLC program.


As always the new version is available for Linux, Mac and Windows, the Android application gets the update a little bit later.



The changelog is huge and there several fixes and new features added, HDR and D3D11 support under Windows 10 together with the WMV fixed issue are the most noticeable ones.

Final words

I’m more the MPC-BE guy but VLC is still a good solution and works for all the videos and formats out there, as always it’s a matter of taste and what you really need - so decide well and have fun with the new release. I think an important step was made by integrating HDR among other decoder related changes because high quality material is on the rise and this requires a more efficient player/decoding.

VLC does it’s job very well and each release gets better and better. An interface for madVR would be perfect but maybe this is already on a todo list. Besides such ‘first world’ problems there is nothing you really miss in the new version .