I guess I do not need to explain what Winamp is but for those people which were born after 2000, Winamp was one of the most popular Audio Player (together with Foobar2000). Now the player is with an unofficial HTML5 based fork back, Captbaritone released his source code on GitHub among a site where you can use the player.


[caption id=”attachment_2738” align=”aligncenter” width=”387”]WinAmp 2 The default look of the Winamp 2 Browser Audio Player.[/caption]


How does it work and what do you need?

The player needs a modern Browser which supports JavaScript, so basically, all Browser which supporting HTML5, the Internet Explorer 11 is an exception because it doesn’t support WebAudio API - but even modern mobile Browser are supported! The skin is based on the original Winamp skin and you can modify the player and save your process with a right click.

No all functions working but most of them, you can load your own music files into it and use some basic things like controlling the volume, use the DSP and some other gimmicks. The developer made some examples videos to demonstrate the player, these videos are available on Twitter.

Final Words

The idea is cool and if you do not want to install any software to quickly play your files, go ahead and use Winamp 2 JS it’s pretty cool. It lacks several functions like a proper Equalizer visualization but I have some hopes that with upcoming updates we see a lot of more from this little projects.

Since this is an unofficial project and not in any relationship with the original Winamp project you can’t expect that it works exactly the same but it’s very close and the developer put a lot of effort and work in his project. Winamp 2 JS deserves some love and it got my attention because sometimes I’m on the run and I don’t to install extra software to play my music files and then this little project fits my needs.

Let me know what you think about the project and if you prefer external players.