Windows Media Player, well most of all users ignore it and installing VLC or MPC-HC - but Reddit user Noam_ha reports that Microsoft is now advising users to switch from the old and unloved Windows Media Player to the more modern Movies & TV app.

[caption id=”attachment_3221” align=”alignnone” width=”828”]Windows Media Player Picture by Noam_ha shows that an alternative app is suggested by Microsoft.[/caption]

Movies and TV might replace WMP

It’s unclear right now if the WMP fully gets removed by the Movies and TV app or not, but over the long distance I think MS will change this - but this is just guessing from my side. I feel like thats a very intentional choice from Microsoft. Bundled apps are going to be on every single computer regardless of user skill, so they need to intuitive to use. A compromise could be to integrate a ‘advance/expert’ option into every app so that even skilled users are comfortable with the apps to tweak it as per needs.

UWP apps are still problematic

3 years are gone now since Windows 10 was launched and we still see negative waves coming from the Windows 8/8.1 area - sadly it hasn’t changed much because UWP apps like the ‘People’ app are still broken in so many ways, basic functions like replacing the Avatar/Picture causes headache for me - and most UWP apps having syncing issue.

UWP by default is not bad but apps needs to be improved

Most people complain about the following things 🤔:

I totally agree that this should be fixed but this is related to the developer directly which need to code a better app in order to satisfy the user and community.

Final Words

WMP is often something which people immediately ignore, the decision that Microsoft remove the Codecs for Mpeg2, DTS & Co. then results in a Player which can’t play much and people installing then other programs like VLC. A smart decision for MS would be to implement a player which also uses free libraries which does support DTS, Mpeg2 & Co or to re-build Windows Media Player from the ground with the help of the community - instead MS decided to push other apps, we will see if people accept this or not but I will uninstall such apps anyway because there not offering anything new or innovative. UWP apps are another story, we simply need intelligent developers which providing an user interface which satisfy every user the nerd the same like the normal guy which only want to play music.

To answer the question, yes Windows Media Player is dead but will it be replaced fully by another UWP app? We will see.