Well, I finally made the switch to Linux /end of the article. I’m joking, well not really I switched but I want to hear your suggestion and opinion what you do after you fresh installed Windows.

Clean Windows

Here some most common techniques what a lot of people doing - but is this the ‘best’?


Most Important step:

DO NOT INSTALL EVERY CRAP! Yes, I need to mention this because people asking me daily how to clean Windows or how to remove xyz malware - you simply can avoid all of this if you think before you click, just because it’s blinking and tells you can increase your cash within 2 weeks doesn’t mean it isn’t scam.

If you’re unsure, better ask! No master is fallen from the sky! Not even the master himself - aka me - no even I have to ask and search every day because if you want a better internet and a more secure way to browse you have to read and ask a lot of questions because you only learn when you think about something and make your own experience, I can tell you a lot but overall if you won’t accept or reject it would’t help at all. Try to learn from mistakes, ask and test yourself. There virtual machine software like VirtualBox or VMWare which are there for a reason!

Since each of every mentioned point deserves his own article I decided to write a mini-series about it, this article is just a quick overview and shows some possibilities which you should consider.