Okay, you might want to create a WinPE - well you don’t know what that is? Don’t worry we’re all here to learn, so let’s start with the basics.


Why WindowsPE?

WinPE has the following uses according to Wikipedia:

Or in other words, it’s a modern replacement for old DOS days which allows you to play with the OS and third-party apps while you’re testing something, besides this little gimmick it provides you with recovery options which are useful in case something happened.


WinPE Installation


Run as admin

After you installed the program, start the command prompt with administrative privileges.

Create WinPE files with the following command:


[caption id=”attachment_2509” align=”alignnone” width=”740”]174822d1517226747-create-winpe-iso-image MARKDOWN_HASHe0673ed22522ac96d22d9f6b514490ecMARKDOWN_HASH[/caption]


Plug in a clean USB flash drive and enter following command, replacing path D:\WinPEx64 with actual path to folder where you created the PE files, and drive letter I: with the actual drive letter of your USB drive: MakeWinPEMedia /UFD D:\WinPEx64 I:

If you want to create a WinPE ISO, change the /UFD switch to /ISO and add path and filename where you want to create the ISO file:

MakeWinPEMedia /ISO D:\WinPEx64 F:\WPE64.iso

You will be warned that the USB flash drive will be formatted, Accept with Y:


That’s it, you are done with the process now you can boot into you created media.