The latest Windows 10 preview builds for Pro for Workstations includes a new mode called Ultimate Performance Mode - Which will eliminate latencies and give you a boost of raw speed when the application supports it. Normal users that run regular Pro or Home are left out in the cold on this one.


Is this just game mode for not games?

There is no documentation what exactly is the difference and how it works, but I assume it is similar to the ‘Game Mode’ or it simply could play with the Speed Shift feature. I’ll keep an eye on this because I don’t believe in magical ’tweaks’ the gaming mode never got any serious boost and so I believe this is just another marketing trick.

Final Words

No documentation, no real benefit (from my quick testings on the last Insider Build over the last two days) and some doubts that this is at the end nothing but another marketing gag. Maybe you need a special CPU or other requirements, I don’t know but I got nothing from it, benchmarks still showed the same, I know people are going to say it’s in beta right now but from what I know beta or not, it should show something otherwise why implement such function?